Saudi-Bahraini Naval Exercise «Bridge 18» Kicked off, in Arabian Gulf – أخبار السعودية – شبكه السعوديه

Joint naval exercise «Bridge 18» began today between the Saudi Royal Navy, represented by the Eastern Fleet and the Bahraini Royal Navy in the waters of the Arabian Gulf.

The commander of the Eastern Fleet Rear Admiral Fahd Al-Ghafili explained that these maneuvers aimed at consolidating bilateral naval ties, cementing relations between the two brotherly countries, increasing combat preparedness, strengthening and supporting the supply of joint forces, in any armed conflict overseas, in addition to development of joint operational coordination between naval units, participating in maneuvers.

Al-Ghafili said that the exercise, to run in two stages, aims at carrying out the operations of controlling in territorial seas, protecting vital and important installations and the main waterways in the exercise area, as well as conducting live ammunition, counterterrorism, surveying and reconnaissance operations, diving exercises and sea landing operations on coasts and beaches.

He stressed that these operations reflect the extent of ability and readiness of combat and readiness reached by the naval units involved, from both sides and that the exercise include a number of lessons and lectures.


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